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Managing fear when buying a franchise

Anxious about investing in a franchise business? Focus on facts instead of emotions. Thinking about joining a franchise? You should be scared. I have helped hundreds of people explore business ownership and join franchises and they are all scared.

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Overcoming Inertia

You begin searching for a franchise with energy, excitement and passion. Your emotions are driven by the hope that you can change your life in some powerful and positive ways.

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Understanding Franchisee Performance

In franchising, brands and franchise consultants cannot make earnings claims. Why? Because earnings claims are restricted by the Federal Trade Commission and it is best that potential candidates make their own, educated judgements about their potential earnings.

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Three Critical Areas to Find the Right Match

The process of finding the right franchise brand can be daunting. Professionalizing your search with a franchise consultant can help you navigate the world of franchising, provide much needed insights into both franchising and help you identify specific brands that match your unique situation.

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Why Franchisees Fail

About 80% of franchisees are happy and achieving their personal and professional goals through franchising. But not all franchisees succeed. Indeed, part of my role as a franchise consultant is to help individuals understand if they are not a good fit for franchising or a particular franchise.

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